Hello, I’m

Shawn Suter

A father of three, just rotating around the firey plasma ball of hydrogen fusing into nitrogen in the sky just like you, except not, because you're not Shawn Suter, and I am, so I guess just like you, but different.  Also, I like commas.   

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About Me

To be honest, I'm really surprised that you made it this far.  So okay, I guess I'll clue you in to a little about myself...

Hi There! I'm Shawn Suter... the real one.

I feel like we have been here before. Well, just in case. I have three amazing children. A few days ago I would have said I have a beautiful girlfriend, but instead I now have an incredible fiancée, and in a few weeks, I'll be telling you about my stunning wife. #HumbleBrag #InsertRelevantHashtagHere

  • Date of birth: 25 March 1900's

  • SSN:  ***-**-****

  • Phone: 867-5309

  • Location: Earth, mostly

This bar is filled to 76.9%. Don't believe me, just look.
This SAYS 42%, but it's a lie.
This one is literly just a letter of the alphabet.
FYI, the bars below, have nothing to do with the numbers.

Social Media

Umm... I have too many of these. I really need to get out in the real world. Does anyone really use Facebook or that Twitter thing anymore?

Personal Twitter

I complain to people, about people, to business, and about business here. Sometimes I make jokes, sometimes they are funny, most of the time this is a good place to help you fall asleep... zzZ

Your Hometown Eats

I really have to get back on this one more often. I did daily "National ____ Day" posts, shared lots of food stuff, and spread my YouTube videos. Eventually I'll get back into it.

Personal Instagram

Instagram for my nature photos. I'm no photographer. I use my cell phone and Instagram filters, but people like them, so enjoy.

Your Hometown Eats

This is the Instagram account for you YouTube channel. Lots of food I've cooked, eaten, or just simply liked. Come in and get hungy.

Your Hometown Eats Website

The offical Your Hometown Eats website. Hasn't been worked on in years... again, life really gets in the way sometimes.

My Business - Your Hometown Techs

This one is my life focus at the moment (work wise). My business's website.

My Facebook

Unless I know you, I won't add you. Even if I know you, I may still not add you. But stalk away.

My Business Facebook

This is the Facebook page for Your Hometown Techs. If you live in the area of the business, feel free to like and share.

My YouTube Facebook

Again, I really haven't been spending enough time on this. I really need to work on time management!

Your Hometown Eats YouTube

I would love to gain more followers. I would do more videos if I had more followers, and I know you have to make videos to get followers, so I'm expecting the opposite to work and I know it won't. Whatever, check it out, enjoy what I've done, Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe, Click the bell, blah blah blah blah...

Are You Still Here?

I can't believe you have made it this far. Either you are my significant other, my child, or my mother. Nobody is this interested in me. Click below to answer the question, "Are you still here?"

My Recent Works

Here are some Instagram pictures I've recently posted. It's the least I can do for you scrolling down this far.


Purple Flower


Baby Deer


Atlantic Sunset






Buffalo Bleu Sticks

My Pricing Plans

That's right. For the low low price of the options below, you too can just send me money! (This is a joke, I'm not asking for money, even though the Paypal links are real!)


For the low price of about 63¢ a day, you get the warm fuzzy feeling of adopting a broke and sad adult.

  • $19/Month Gets You:
  • $19/Month Lower In Your Bank Account
  • $19/Month Richer In Giving
  • You Get to Say:
  • I'm Cheap And Will Give More Next Time.


For the slighly higher price of about $1.63 a day, you get a bigger warm and fuzzy feeling of adopting a now less broke and sad adult.

  • $49/Month Gets You:
  • $49/Month Less In Your Bank Account
  • $49/Month Richer In Giving
  • You Get to Say:
  • At Least I Didn't Waste $50.


Send me $100, $200, $500, $1000, whatever. You want to burn money, burn it here! I'm glad to be of service.

  • Huge One-Time Payment Gets You:
  • The Satification of Wasting Money
  • Bragging Rights Giving Away Money
  • You Get to Say:
  • I Bet You Can't Donate xyz Dollars!

From The Frog

The template I used for this website wanted me to put blog stuff. I don't blog. I really don't have a frog either, but it's easier to work with frogs than it is blogs so here ya go. I really can't believe you have made it this far.


Look. A frog!


Look. Another Frog.


Guess what. It's a frog.

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